Focaccia with Cheese and Pepperoni

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A focaccia is a flatbread which is like a pizza but thicker and with less of a topping.  In a focaccia the emphasis is on the bread, with the topping just an accent to flavor the bread, vs. the focal point of the dish.  This version was made with a half recipe from Pizza for Many or for One .  It was rolled out to the size of a dinner plate, meaning that it was twice as thick as I would have made a pizza.  The topping was a few slices of pepperoni chopped into little pieces, and a modest amount of Parmesan and mozzarella cheese.  A wide variety of toppings could be used, as long as they do not overwhelm the bread.  This was baked for 12 minutes on a pizza steel in a 475 degree oven.


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