Miso-Honey Cottage Bacon

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I have made and enjoyed many batches of Cottage Bacon using a simple cure of Morton TenderQuick curing salt and brown sugar.  I recently made three variations of Cottage Bacon using spicing and sweetening ideas from Jake Levin’s Smokehouse Handbook.  This version uses miso, honey and garlic for flavoring.  I was sure this would turn out well since miso is frequently used in Japan to lightly cure fish before it is grilled.  ( Miso Marinaded Fish )

Since there is salt in the miso, this was relatively salty, and I may do it next time with less curing salt by using 2% salt and Cure No. 1 vs. TenderQuick (which is a mixture of salt and Cure No. 1).

3.08% Morton TenderQuick curing salt

2.0% honey

2.0% white miso

2.0% garlic, coarsely chopped


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