Over-proofed Sourdough Boule

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On Monday, I started another batch of https://greasylittlebirds.com/65-whole-wheat-sourdough-boule/.  I left for a Scout meeting with the dough still in the middle of its initial fermentation which I thought would be over about when I got back from the Scout meeting.  At that point I would form it into a boule, put it in a banneton covered with a plastic bag, and let it proof overnight before baking it on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, I was horrified to see the dough still on the kitchen counter in its proofing container on the kitchen counter.  I had forgotten all about it and it had over-proofed all night, and had fallen back from its maximum expansion.  I decided to form it into a boule, let it rest for about 30 minutes while I heated the oven and the Lodge combo cooker, and then bake it normally.  I was disappointed but not surprised to find that the final product was pretty flat, about 1.5 inches thick, roughly half as thick as it should have been.

We had it for breakfast this morning.  It had a pronounced (but pleasant) sourdough flavor and was denser than usual, but still tasty and easy to eat.  Thus I had made the right decision to bake the over-proofed dough rather than throwing it away.


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