Pork Ribs Sous-Vide

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Tender and flavorful pork with a nice crust – the result of a combination of using a sous-vide rig and a grill!

For about a year, I have had a package of ribs from a heritage pig in my freezer.  It is one of the last packages from a half pig which I received for Fathers’ Day.  Heritage pork is much more expensive than standard commercial pork, but it is also much richer tasting.

I generally followed an article in Serious Eats when I cooked this.

The ribs were cut in half, rubbed with a spice rub and sealed in a ziplock baggie with 1/4 tsp. of liquid smoke.  They were cooked overnight in the sous-vide rig for 12 hours at 165 degrees.


The cooked ribs were then put in the refrigerator until the evening.  Carol has sometimes complained that sous-vide + grilling does not always mean that the food is served hot through the center, so I returned the pork bag to the sous-vide rig for about 30 minutes at 130 degrees to make sure it was warm before I grilled it.  I am not sure if this step was really useful.



I fired up the grill and dried the ribs with paper towels.


I rubbed in some more spice rub, and grilled them for about 5 minutes until they had a nice crust. I did not want to grill them too long since I did not want to overcook the pork.




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