Sous-Vide Bacon

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This sounds like a crazy idea, but when recommended by the Serious Eats website, I had to try it out. The basic idea is to heat an unopened package in a sous-vide device at 145 degrees between 8 and 48 hours to fully cook and tenderize the bacon, and then to briefly cook it in a hot pan to brown it. Since the meat is already cooked, only about 2 minutes is needed on the first side, and less than a minute on the second side. The brief browning is to that the inside remains tender, while the outside is browned. It is most effective with thick cut bacon, since thin cut bacon will tend to be more crisp all the way through.

Here is what the package of bacon looks like after about 10 hours at 145 degrees.


A side benefit is that after the sous-vide treatment, the bacon can be very quickly cooked for breakfast. It will also have a longer shelf life. I think this may be a useful technique for camping since it makes the bacon more stable and quicker cooking.


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