24-Hour Salted Lemon Spread

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This condiment from the Israeli cookbook Sababa is essentially a quick way of making preserved lemons.  I just used it in another recipe from Sababa, Lemony Tuna Pasta.

1 lb. lemons (3 large or 4 medium), washed

3 large cloves of garlic, thinly sliced

1 small jalapeno, seeded and thinly sliced

3 Tbs. kosher salt

2 Tbs. neutral vegetable oil

Remove the ends of each lemon.  Cut each lemon into 8 wedges, and trim the white pith at each end.  Then cut each wedge crossways into thirds.  In a nonreactive container, mix the lemons, garlic, jalapeno, and salt.  Store in the refrigerator, stirring from time to time.

After 24 hours, put the lemon mixture in the bowl of a food processor with the oil, and puree until the mixture is almost smooth, 30 seconds to a minute.  Store in the refrigerator for up to a month.  Use whenever a dish would benefit from some lemon.


1 thought on “24-Hour Salted Lemon Spread”

  1. I love this recipe – it is a real find! If I have preserved lemons on hand, I use those for a ready to use condiment. This spread will compliment any dish – thank you!

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