Apple Crisp in a Svante Freden Reflector Oven

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On last week’s canoe trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, we baked almost every night in a Svante Freden reflector oven.  This photo is of the first thing we baked, an apple crisp.  The reflector oven worked very well, although each thing we baked took longer than usual, probably proving that we did not have the fire as hot as we should have.  In the future, I want to bring an infrared temperature gauge.


2 thoughts on “Apple Crisp in a Svante Freden Reflector Oven”

  1. That doesn’t look like the apple crisp. I thought that was in a shallower pan that was overflowing even after we ate lots of the raw sliced apples. It was delicious, however.

    1. You are right. The photo was from a smaller pan I used last year for 4 servings, versus the bigger pan I used this year for 7 servings.

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