First Clear Flour

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Some time ago, I bought a bag of First Clear Flour from King Arthur Flour, which then sat in my pantry since I was not sure what to do with it.  Since it was described by KAF as a high protein flour, I first used some as a substitute for bread flour when I had run out.  Yesterday, as an experiment, I made a batch of Roasted Garlic Focaccia completely with First Clear Flour (except for 3 oz. of all-purpose flour contained in 6 oz. of sourdough starter).  The result is shown here.

It was a good bread, but noticeably different from the bread made with bread flour shown here.

The bread made from first clear rose less, had smaller and more uniform holes, was less chewy, was browner, and was structurally weaker (more crumbly).  It was still a good bread, but definitely less good than the focaccia made from bread flour.  I will next try the first clear in a Jewish rye bread, which is how it was traditionally used.


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