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I have been experimenting with this new high-fiber all-purpose flour. It is supposed to be fully usable as a substitute for normal all-purpose flour except that it needs a little (but not clearly defined) amount of additional water because of the additional fiber.

It is unclear from the packaging and the internet how much protein is in this flour. I have asked the company and so far have not received an answer. Someone on the internet says it is 13.3% protein, which if true would be surprisingly high. (I have asked Flourish and so far have not received a reply.)

So far, I have not made anything exclusively with Flourish flour, but I have twice successfully substituted Flourish for some of the flour in recipes. Here are links to these two successes:

Beef, Mushroom, and Mustard Pizza

No-Knead bread with Flourish and whole-wheat flour


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