Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie – Camping Version

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This is one of the desserts I plan on serving during our Boundary Waters canoe trip next month.  The basic adaptation from a home version is using 3 Tbs. of egg powder and 1/4 cup of water to replace the egg + egg yolk in the original recipe by Bakerella.  It is important not to forget to add the water (as I did in this batch) since it makes the texture crumbly.


Baggie No. 1 – Quart

⅔ cup sugar ½ cup light brown sugar, packed

10 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted ⅔ cup peanut butter 2 tsp. vanilla


Baggie No. 2 – Gallon

1¾ cup (5.8 oz.) all-purpose flour ¾ tsp. baking soda ½ tsp. kosher salt 3 Tbs. egg powder


Baggie No. 3 – Sandwich

1-1/2 cups milk chocolate chips


¼ cup water
At home assemble the baggies, mixing well the ingredients in each baggie. Keep Baggie No. 1 cool as long as possible.

At camp, add the contents of Baggie No. 1 plus ¼ cup of water into Baggie No. 2. Massage the outside of Baggie No. 2 to mix the ingredients well. Add the chocolate chips from Baggie No. 3 and massage the outside of Baggie No. 2 to mix in the chips.

Grease a 9 inch cake pan and add the dough spreading it out evenly. Put aluminum foil snakes on the bottom of a Dutch oven, and put the pan with the dough on top of them, Bake at a moderate temperature (think 350 degree oven) until done, about 30-35 minutes. Cool slightly and enjoy.


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