Apple-smoked Pork Loin

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This experiment was applying the marinade to Apple-smoked Cornish Game Hens (i.e. Greasy Little Birds) to a pork loin.  It turned out very well.

4 lb. pork loin

1 qt. apple juice

½ cup sugar

½ cup salt

1 Tbs. dried rosemary

1 Tbs. dried basil

Put the pork loin in a large enough ziplock baggie (2.5 gallons in this case) and add the brine ingredients.  Mix well inside the bag so that the salt and sugar are fully dissolved.  Brine the pork loin overnight in the refrigerator.  Half an hour before smoking, remove from the bag, rinse off briefly, pat dry with paper towels, and further dry under a fan.  Preheat the smoker to 225 degrees, and smoke the loin until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees, about 4 hours.  Heat up a barbeque grill, and quickly grill the loin to give it a nice crust.  Allow to rest for a few minutes tented with aluminum foil, and then thinly slice and serve.


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