Honey Whole-Wheat Sandwich Bread

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This preliminary posting is to document the steps and timing for a batch of bread which I made from Michael Kalanty’s Craftsy course “Secrets to Whole-Grain Bread Baking”  During the course the instructor emphasized several times the benefits of weighing ingredients and having the dough at 80 degrees.  Both of these points will standardize how long it takes to make the bread and how it will turn out.  When I took baking classes at King Arthur Flour in Vermont, they also emphasized these points.

The details in the process reminded me of the many steps in making a baguette, although the steps are different since the final product is intended to be different. 

DescriptionTimeCum Time
1Disolve 16 g. yeast in 265 g. warm water and let stand 5 minutes0:060:06
2Add 310 g. whole wheat flour.  Cut in well and let stand 10 minutes covered0:130:19
3Add 140 g. warm milk, 140 g. warm honey, 14 g. salt and cut it in the dough and then squish with fingers0:030:22
4Add 60 g. softened unsalted butter and squish in0:030:25
5Add 395 g. bread flour and cut in until all the flour is fully incorporated.  First cut in bowl and then on counter0:050:30
6Rest the dough0:050:35
7Knead and rotate the dough with medium pressure0:030:38
8Knead and rotate the dough with light pressure0:030:41
9Lightly coat with cooking spray and ferment for 30 minutes0:301:11
10Flatten the dough and reform into a ball0:011:12
11Ferment for another 30 minutes0:301:42
12Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces and ball the 2 pieces.  Lightly spray with cooking spray and cover in plastic0:011:43
13Rest the dough0:101:53
14Form into loaves by making a disk about the length of the pan and then rolling into a cylinder0:051:58
15Proof dough covered with plastic wrap0:402:38
16Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.    Remove the plastic wrap and proof another 10-15 minutes0:102:48
17Sift whole wheat flour over the dough, cut along the center.  Pour 30 g. melted butter over the split in the dough0:022:50
18Put the pans on a sheet pan and bake at 400 degrees0:103:00
19Vent the oven and reduce the temperature to 365 degrees0:243:24
20Test if bread’s internal temperature is 190 degrees.0:013:25
21Cool the bread in the pan on a rack0:103:35
22Remove the bread from the pan and cool on one side0:304:05
23Turn the bread to cool on the other side0:304:35

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