Hummus – Dehyrated/Rehydrated

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Can you eat hummus while backpacking or canoeing?  Absolutely, if you have the foresight to dehydrate it first.  This successful experiment was inspired by Laurie Ann March’s book, “A Fork in the Trail”, the basic message of which is that a very wide range of foods can be eaten while backpacking as long as they are at least partially prepared at home and are dehydrated and then rehydrated in camp.

In this case, I dehydrated 6 oz. of Sabra Classic Hummus, into 3 oz. of dry powder.  It is important to weigh the hummus before and after drying since the weight difference tells you how much water to add (in this case 3 oz., or 6 tablespoons).


In the picture, the dried hummus is a bit clumpy, which I have learned is not good.  To get a fast and smooth rehydrated product, the dried hummus should be turned as much as possible into a powder.

At home note on the ziplock baggie how much water to add.  In camp mix in the measured water and allow to rehydrate for about 5 minutes.  Serve with pitas or crackers.


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