Smashburger Tacos

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One of the current rages on the internet is a mashup between the smashburger and the taco, so I made one for lunch yesterday.  This is all about technique.  Here is what you do for each serving:

Form a 4 oz. ball of ground beef.  (I seasoned it with a tsp. or so of teriyaki sauce.)  Have ready an 8-9 inch flour tortilla and a slice of American or other cheese.

Heat a griddle or large skillet over medium-high heat.  Put the beef ball on the hot pan, cover it with the tortilla and immediately smash it down, spreading the beef toward the edges of the tortilla and letting it cook undisturbed until nicely browned. (This technique increases the surface area of the beef and its contact with the pan.  If done at the beginning of cooking, it will create a lot of crispy browned surfaces and will not press out the juices in the beef.)   I used a bacon press which worked well.  It can also be done with 2 sturdy pancake flippers, one to press on the tortilla and the other to press on the first flipper.

When the first side seems to be done, flip the tortilla and beef over so that the tortilla side is down to cook the other side of the beef patty.  Top with cheese in the pan.  When the tortilla side of the patty is cooked, remove the smashburger from the pan and top it with whatever you like.  Fold and eat like a taco.  Delicious.


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